UberNet Promotion Policies

UberNet Associates are an asset to the company, and our aim is for everyone on the network to feel valued. We have created the policies below that will help ensure fairness for all.

When you become an UberNet Associate, you agree to the following policies. If any of these conditions are not met, your account may be temporarily suspended or closed without prior notice.

Brand Usage Policies

UberNet Associates are welcome to use brand logos, product names, and product images for Performance Lab, Mind Lab Pro, Pre Lab Pro, Burn Lab Pro, and Testo Lab Pro within their content.

However, please note that you are forbidden from:

  • Using any of our brand names as part of your website domain name, social media page/profile, or profile name (including typos), e.g., p3rformncelab.com, performanceelab.com, mindlabpr0.com, burnlabpro123.com, performancelabstore.com
  • Making it appear as though you are the brand – you cannot pretend to be any of our brands to contact customers or use any of our brand logos, for example, on a social media profile, which may mimic any brands under the UberNet Associates program. You MUST clarify that you are promoting our brand(s) as an UberNet Associate and are NOT the brand itself.

If you are unsure whether your advertising complies with our brand usage policy, please contact our support team at [email protected] or use the contact form in your UberNet Associates/Post Affiliate Pro dashboard.

Voucher Code Policy

As an UberNet Associate, you may NOT promote any of our brands using voucher codes (or any other variation of the term, including ‘coupon codes’, ‘voucher codes’, or ‘discount codes’).

Voucher codes and/or voucher websites are NOT allowed to be used by UberNet Associates under any circumstances. You must also NOT use voucher-related terms in paid advertising copy or graphics, as well as in titles, descriptions, alt text, or URLs.

We do not work with coupon/voucher code-oriented websites as they add little to no value to the customer. Partner websites should focus on quality content rather than exclusively or partly on discounts and offers.

If you are unsure about our voucher code policy, please contact our support team at [email protected] or use the contact form in your UberNet Associates/Post Affiliate Pro dashboard.

Cashback Policy

UberNet Associates MUST NOT promote any of our brands using cashback websites or any method of promotion that implies that by purchasing through you, they will receive a partial refund or money or other rewards in return.

Paid Traffic Policy

We allow paid advertising to promote brands on the UberNet network with pre-approval from a member of the affiliate marketing team.

All UberNet Associates MUST contact us at [email protected] before starting a paid traffic campaign.

You MUST NOT link directly to any of our brand websites via paid traffic campaigns; you MUST always link to your website/landing page first.

Under no circumstances should you bid on branded terms such as ‘Mind Lab Pro review’, ‘Performance Lab Flex review’, etc. as this is strictly forbidden. Generic terms such as ‘best fat burner’, and ‘best nootropics’ are acceptable.

Copyright Policy

UberNet has a zero-tolerance approach to copyright infringement. This includes copying sentences and/or pages from any of our brand websites or website(s) owned by a third party.

You may use the content on our brand websites and/or other affiliates’ content for research, but translating, scraping, spinning, or rewriting content that does not belong to you is NOT allowed, whether this is entirely or in part.

Copying quotes, testimonials, etc., is permitted as long as the supporting content on your website is unique and original, and you acknowledge the source.

You must also NOT copy images, CTA graphics, or design elements that do not belong to you.

UberNet Ltd. accepts no responsibility for claims brought against affiliates for copyright infringement, such as using images that are not royalty-free or copying images or graphics they do not own without prior consent.

All your content must be unique and original. Failure to comply with our copyright policy may result in the suspension of your UberNet Associates account. You will receive a final warning of this in writing. It is your responsibility to remove ALL copied content you have published.

If you are found to be in breach of our copyright policy after your final warning, your UberNet Associates account will be terminated.

You will NOT be entitled to any outstanding commissions accrued up to and including the day of your account termination and any day thereafter.