How to Navigate and Use Your UberNet Account for Success

It is no secret that the majority of affiliate newbies fail in their quest for success (nearly 95%). So, what’s causing these failures? Most failure comes from lack of knowledge, unfamiliarity with the tools, and mindset. Today we’ll go over one of the tools you’ll need to familiarize yourself with–UberNet.

In this step-by-step tutorial we will teach you how to use UberNet so that your chance at failure becomes less likely and your chances of achieving more successful results increases drastically!

Let’s get started.

What is UberNet?

UberNet unites leading direct-to-consumer health & nutrition brands with affiliate marketers across the globe. We aim to help you start getting real results from your affiliate marketing.

While everything you need to get started with UberNet is located within your dashboard, using this tool effectively can seem daunting if this is something new to you so let’s go over the basics to get a better understanding.

  • How to Get a Text Link
  • Using DirectLinks
  • How to Find Banners
  • How to Generate Custom Links & QR Codes

Feel free to log into your UberNet dashboard and follow along. Your link to login is:

How to Get a Text Link

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll first see your “Home” dashboard with 5 sections on the left and widgets on the right.

UberNet Dashboard Home View

After the page loads, if you scroll down to just below your commissions data, you’ll see a section labeled “Welcome to UberNet.” Here you will see information about DirectLinks as well as your unique affiliate link.

Depending on the brand you are promoting, your unique affiliate link will appear underneath.

The links are structured as follows:

  • The first set of numbers appearing after “aid=” represents your UberNet Affiliate ID.
  • The second set of numbers appearing after “bid=” represents Brand ID for the brand you are sending traffic to.

Note: The “aid=” section is the only section required for tracking your affiliate commissions

The only part about this link that will change is the “bid=” reference, which allows you to accurately track your affiliate sales among all brands. Fortunately, the only time you will need to use this affiliate link is if you are promoting our brand partners to your social media audience, via platforms like YouTube, or within your email marketing.

Using DirectLinks

One of the best features of using the UberNet platform is that you are able to assign your domain to UberNet so that any traffic that comes from it will result in referral tracking for 365 days. You don’t have to append your unique affiliate link to ANY of your website’s links as long as you have properly added your DirectLink to the platform. You can learn more about DirectLinks here.

UberNet Dashboard DirectLinks View

All DirectLinks are inspected by UberNet’s affiliate management team so you can rest assured it will be setup properly.

How to Find Banners

Banners act as visual ads that you can display throughout your content to help break apart text or show as a product example. Banners are also a fantastic way to add in your affiliate offers into a rotating advertisement on your website, or within an app you operate, or email campaign. While banners are a great addition to text links, they are not always the best way to promote a product on a website.

Use banners in conjunction with text links to get more clicks as most people will not click on an image without a direct call-to-action to do so. Additionally, using too many banners can make your content appear spammy or load slowly. Think about the best use-cases for banners for your situation, but use them sparingly.

With that said, let’s look at how to find banners to promote.

To embed a banner into your content, click on the “Promotions” link on the left sidebar. You’ll then see a subsections labeled “Banners & Links.”

UberNet Dashboard Banners and Links

Once this pages opens, you’ll notice a few icons appear on the top right for “Campaigns,” “DirectLinks,” “Ad Channels,” and “Reports.”

Underneath these icons, you can sort and filter the available banners based on the options provided, or scroll below this filter to see all banners. By default, all banners from all campaigns will appear.

Once you’ve found an image you’d like to use, there are several ways to embed it into your website.

UberNet Dashboard Banner Code

  1. The first way is to click on the “Get Banner Code” button – This will show you the default best use case link for working with this particular image.
  2. The second way is to click on the “Dynamic link” button – This will prompt a pop-up for you to place in a custom Destination URL to use the banner to point wherever you wish. Clicking “Get Code” will copy this HTML embed code for you to insert directly into your content.
  3. Finally, you can simply click on the link icon to copy the default banner code quickly.

You can also right-click on the image to save the image to your computer to use in social media posts or as an upload on your website to use in a different manner.

How to Generate Custom Links & QR Codes

Now that you understand where you can find text links and banners, suppose you want to create a custom link to a page on that isn’t a specific product without using a banner. Some affiliates might do this when talking about a collection or category of products, versus a single product. Other affiliates play the long game and refer traffic to one of our partner brands’ informative content posts. Given you would like to do the same you can use the filters on the Banners & Links page to filter out ONLY the links available for each brand.

You will notice these have a QR code image attached to them.

UberNet Dashboard QR Codes

Here, you can either use the same methods you used for embedding a banner or use the pre-generated QR code in your marketing.

We’ve seen some successful affiliates embed their QR code within social media posts, videos, on business cards, and on other printed media. QR codes are a fantastic way to refer business in person when all you have to work with is a mobile device.

Final Thoughts

In this guide we covered how to use the basic functions of UberNet to ensure you have the most success promoting our brand partners to your audience. There are many other tools within UberNet that you might be interested in learning more about as a further expansion of your knowledge. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the tools you use as an affiliate marketer, so that you are one of the successful cases.

With that in mind, please reach out to your affiliate manager if you have any questions or need any custom banners or assistance with using UberNet’s platform. We are here to ensure you have the best shot at success, so please reach out at [email protected] for further assistance and collaboration.