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Full-featured tracking software. For larger publishers, we offer 'done-for-you' integration with Skimlinks, Sovrn (formerly VigLink), Refersion and other third-party networks. Helping you dramatically increase your affiliate marketing revenue with minimal effort on your part.



Our merchant brands sell online, direct-to-consumer, only. Customers can only buy from our brands direct from their websites - which means you never lose out on large commissions due to customers purchasing from third-party websites such as Amazon or eBay, where commission rates are a fraction of what we pay.


High Commission

Up to 40% per sale. Better like-for-like conversion rates than even the largest of competitors.


Market Leading Brands

Truly clean, effective, high-quality products that customers love. Promoting our brands reflects well on your brand. And you'll sleep well at night!


High-Quality Affiliates

You'll be in good company. We refuse to work with low-quality affiliates that do not add true value to our merchants' brands and the community of affiliates as a whole.


Heroic Support

From a friendly team of affiliate marketing veterans. We love affiliate marketing. And we are committed to helping you reach your full affiliate-marketing revenue potential.


Monthly Payments

Monthly payments via PayPal or Bank Transfer. In full. On time. Every time.


Product Stackability

Unique product stackability. Our complementary formulas are designed to work together - and sell together. Supporting larger average order values.


Hub Technology

For multiple cross-brand commissions. Refer a customer to any brand on UberNet and you will earn commissions from every subsequent purchase on all brands. PLUS, our brands employ sophisticated email marketing, cross-selling and up-selling to maximize your hub-generated commissions.



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You Win.

Drive more revenue promoting best-in-class products that convert. Did we mention we pay up to 30% commission per sale?

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Our brands reach more customers.

Customers Win.

Customers receive superior-quality products and improve their health, performance and lives.

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